Government Regulations for Cell Phones and Smartphones

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  • Ensuring mobile data protection for smartphones is critical

    The tidal wave of threats against your company's IT resources -- and in particular, its data -- has never been higher. As users store company data to their smartphones and similar mobile devices, we asked Sean Glynn, head of product development with ... 

  • Verizon, AT&T to operate 4G on new 700 MHz spectrum wins

    Following their big wins in the FCC's 700 MHz spectrum auction, both Verizon and AT&T have announced they will operate 4G service on the spectrum. 

  • I spy with my little eye ...something confidential

    Could your company's trade secrets be child's play for industrial espionage? Remember the popular children's game I spy? The first child might call out, "I spy with my little eye -- something green," then other players would attempt to guess the secr... 

  • The new churn concern

    A federal regulation set to take effect next month may worsen one industry's notoriously bad customer retention rates. 

  • Monster courts a giant: The U.S. government

    One good Monster deserves another. That could be why's parent company is cozying up to the ultimate (spending) monster: the U.S. government. In this case, C isn't for cookie; it's for cash. 

About Government Regulations for Cell Phones and Smartphones

Government regulations for enterprises using cell phones, smartphones and other various mobile devices can be overwhelming. This cell phone and smartphone compliance and regulations topic section covers everything you need to know about the business issues and regulations surrounding mobile devices including the steps to take should you experience the loss or theft of one of your mobile devices. Learn about the government regulations surrounding cell phones, smartphones, cell phones, netbooks, notebooks and laptops that are used in your business. Get tips to help avoid a security breach if a mobile device falls into the wrong hands and read about the latest government compliance and regulation issues surrounding your enterprise mobile devices.