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Mobile Deployments

Explore mobile deployment resources that will help you design an effective mobile strategy in this section. Read the latest mobile deployment news and find out about new mobile strategies and topics. Find advice on mobile business benefits including tips for effective mobile business policies and learn how mobility can help your workforce be more productive with their mobile devices regardless of their location. Get the latest research and information on deploying mobile devices successfully in your environment and learn about the government regulations surrounding cell phones, smartphones and other mobile devices. Our mobile deployment resources will help you realize the business benefits for using mobility to empower your workforce. Learn how innovative mobile strategies can put your company ahead of the competition. More about Mobile Deployments

Mobile Devices

This topic section on mobile devices for business includes resources and tips for selecting and maintaining all types of mobile devices such as smartphones, cell phones, netbooks, notebooks and laptops for your business users. Learn about the latest business smartphones, netbooks, notebooks and laptops available and how to successful use these mobile devices to enhance your business practices. More about Mobile Devices

Mobile Security

Learn how to effectively secure your mobile devices with the resources in this mobile security topic section. Get the latest information on mobile security and learn how to keep the devices your mobile workers use free from hackers and threats. Our expert tips and news on mobile device security help mobile IT managers formulate corporate policies and procedures to ensure the most secure mobile environment. Learn how to implement mobile security best practices like authentication and encryption for all of your mobile devices. Discover the importance of mobile data security, data governance and privacy in the growing mobile world More about Mobile Security

Mobile Device Platforms and Technologies

Get the latest information on mobile device platforms and mobile operating systems in this topic section. Our strategic resources on mobile operating systems will help you give you the tools you need for evaluating the right mobile platform to deliver your mobile applications to your mobile workforce. Learn about the most popular mobile operating systems in the market and how your peers are implementing them for maximum ROI. Get help finding the best mobile platform for your organization and read the latest news and expert tips on major mobile device platforms as well as open source mobile operating systems, applications and solutions. More about Mobile Device Platforms and Technologies

Mobile Device Management

Learn how to effectively manage your mobile devices with the resources in this mobile device management topic section. Get the latest information on mobile device management and get tips on implementing mobile device management best practices. More about Mobile Device Management

Mobile and Wireless Services and Protocols

Learn all about mobile services, wireless services and protocols in this topic section. Get tips for choosing the best mobile service for your organization and read the latest news on mobile and wireless services and protocols. Get expert advice on choosing which telecommunication carrier you should use for your mobile and wireless services and learn about advances their making in their ability to deliver mobile and wireless services. More about Mobile and Wireless Services and Protocols

Short-Range Technologies

Bluetooth, Zigbee, Ultra Wideband and RFID advice and news for mobile professionals deploying and working with short-range mobile technologies. More about Short-Range Technologies

Mobile Enterprise Applications

Get the latest information on mobile enterprise applications including mobile unified communication products in this topic section. Discover the most strategic resources on mobile enterprise applications available from the major mobile app stores including iTunes and BlackBerry App World. Find resources for evaluating mobile enterprise applications and solutions and discover the most popular mobile business apps available on the market. Learn about the top mobile applications and get help finding the best mobile enterprise applications for your organization. Read best practices for deploying, managing and maintaining your mobile applications. Read the latest news and expert tips on open source mobile apps, industry mobile applications and small business mobile solutions. Find case studies from companies who have successfully implemented the latest mobile enterprise applications and learn from their experience. More about Mobile Enterprise Applications

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking technology is ever-increasing in enterprise IT infrastructure. For information on what products you need to set up a wireless local area network (WLAN), navigate this WLAN section to answer your questions on wireless security encryption, equipment implementation, and wireless protocols and standards (like 802.11n). We also cover wireless network management tools that aid you in troubleshooting Wi-Fi problems. More about Wireless Networking