Special Report:

The growing impact of mobile messaging


The rapid growth of mobile messaging is being driven by the need to access critical corporate information, collaborate with colleagues, and make rapid decisions even when employees are not located at corporate facilities. The results of a study conducted by Osterman Research, and commissioned by PostPath, demonstrate the growth and challenges of mobile messaging. It looks at the benefits and burden of mobile messaging and addresses three important issues organizations must consider when expanding their use of mobile messaging.

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About PostPath
PostPath has developed the industry's first drop-in compatible alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Fully interoperable with the Exchange ecosystem and BlackBerry and ActiveSync devices, PostPath's email and collaboration server provides enterprises a lean, high-performance messaging infrastructure, a radically improved cost model, and an innovation-rich upgrade path for traditional and Linux-friendly messaging environments. PostPath was founded in December 2003 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit www.postpath.com.

15 Nov 2007