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Consumerization tidbits from VMworld 2012

Read what incoming VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and others had to say about the consumerization of IT at this year's show.

It's a post-"post-PC era" era

One of outgoing VMware CEO Paul Maritz's favorite catchphrases over the years was "post-PC era." He used it regularly when discussing end users' increasing reliance on smartphones and tablets -- and to take a not-so-subtle jab at rival Microsoft. VMware CTO Stephen Herrod apparently was not a fan of the term, however, and he let it be known during Tuesday morning's keynote at VMworld 2012.

"It's not a post-PC world," he said. "The PC is alive and will be for a long time. It's a multi-device world."

So what does the new guy think?

Herrod got most of the consumerization keynote time, but incoming CEO Pat Gelsinger managed to say a few words about the trend during his speech Monday morning.

"It's not about devices but about users going forward," he said.

What's up with AppBlast?

Project AppBlast generated significant buzz at VMworld 2011 for its promise of delivering applications to Web browsers via HTML5. This year we learned that AppBlast will be one of the delivery options available to users of the new Horizon Suite and that VMware is also working on full desktop delivery via HTML5. 

Octopus pricing model

Project Octopus (now officially called Horizon Data) won't hit the market until 2013, but some information on pricing and packaging emerged at the show. VMware will charge on a per-user basis, and "it'll be priced to effectively compete against other providers in the market," said Andrew Hawthorn, a VMware senior director of product management.

Horizon Data will also be part of the VMware Service Provider Program, but there are no plans for VMware to host it, he said.

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Will AppBlast be available outside Horizon Suite? Per my understanding, AppBlast itself is only about virtual desktop delivery, at least for the foreseeable future.
The current era was refferred to as the 'multi-device era', of whch the PC remains a strong part in both its physical and increasingly virtual aspects.