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Business Laptops Notebooks and Netbooks

  • Choosing personal mobile devices in a diverse mobile world

    Employees are carrying multiple personal and business mobile devices, and it will be some time before we see one mobile device fitting all of our needs. So how do you choose a mobile device in a diverse mobile world? Learn about the key ... Continue Reading

  • Can the smartphone replace the laptop?

    At the annual Interop conference in Las Vegas, I recently chaired a session titled "Is Your Next Laptop a Smartphone?" and the packed house had the opportunity to consider one of the most interesting possibilities in mobile computing and ... Continue Reading

  • Mobile devices: Upgrade considerations

    Mobile device upgrades can be a minefield involving a number of considerations. This tip focuses on how to evaluate a device's age, capability and adaptability for potential hardware or software updates. Continue Reading

  • Wireless connectivity: Handsets vs. data cards

    True mobility still requires multiple devices, but wireless connectivity for laptops can be achieved in various ways, and each requires some serious consideration. Continue Reading

  • Mobile application delivery

    Mobile application delivery is a core challenge for the success of mobility, and where mobile middleware once solved delivery problems, recent trends indicate that it will soon be a less vital part of mobility. Continue Reading

  • Using 3G phones for laptop Internet access

    Most workers who choose 3G wireless will either buy a new laptop with embedded 3G or add a new 3G card to an existing laptop. But don't overlook a third option that just might prove less expensive: using a 3G phone for laptop Internet access. Learn ...Continue Reading

  • Form factors: Mobile computers

    Craig Mathias looks at mobile form factors, the general size and layout of mobile devices, available to assist your mobile workforce. He explores Micro-PCs, UMPCs, tablets, subnotebooks, ultraportables and mega-notebooks.Continue Reading

  • Choosing your next mobile device

    Lisa Phifer examines mobile devices -- ultralight notebooks, tablet PCs, and ultra mobile PCs -- designed for mobile workers and focuses on mobile device size, weight, battery life, wireless connectivity, ease of use and appropriateness to ...Continue Reading

  • Defining mobility solutions

    Mobile solutions fall into one of three distinct philosophical categories and the solution you apply to your enterprise depends to some extent on the particular mobility needs of those involved. Craig Mathias explores three desktop replacement ...Continue Reading

  • Wireless WAN notebook adapters

    Wireless WANs (WWANs) offer many benefits for your road warriors. Here, Craig Mathias discusses wireless wide-area adapters for notebooks and laptops and explores when you might consider purchasing laptops with embedded WWAN adapters.Continue Reading

  • The Pocket PC -- really

    The physical attributes of mobile devices are particularly important to mobile road warriors. In this tip, Craig Mathias discusses the possibilities of having a fully functional PC but with a PDA form factor.Continue Reading

  • 3G devices: Don't get tied down with tethering

    More and more mobile devices are appearing on the marketplace with 3G capabilities. But the impacts of broadband wireless are far and wide, and anyone interested in taking advantage of new smartphones and faster networks should be aware of both the ...Continue Reading

  • The mobile power challenge

    Mobile devices are power-hungry and the fundamental need to continue to improve both power-to-weight and absolute capacity, as well as a desire to lower recharge times, have resulted in a number of advances in battery research.Continue Reading

  • Laptop crypto: Do it, but realize it's not a panacea

    Laptop encryption has its pros and cons. Find out how to use laptop crypto to keep your sensitive data secure -- even if it falls in the hands of the enemy.Continue Reading

  • Extend notebook battery life by managing power consumption

    If you're not happy with the power-management software provided by your notebook maker or by what's provided in Windows by default, a program called SpeedswitchXP might help fit the bill.Continue Reading