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  • Smartphone preview: Nokia N78

    02 Jul 2008

    Article -  The latest high-end smartphone from Nokia to make an appearance, the Nokia N78, appeared recently in the United States.

  • Nokia's new smartphones mix personal with business for mobile workers

    23 Jun 2008

    Article -  With the E66 and E71 smartphones, Nokia introduces a portfolio of devices that serve both the personal and professional needs of mobile workers in a variety of form factors.

  • Smartphone review: Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX -  Nokia's new N810 Internet Tablet offers the possibility to use WiMAX to access the Internet.

  • Smartphone review preview: Nokia N96 -  The N96 from Nokia, the latest Symbian/S60 smartphone, was recently announced.

  • Smartphone review: Nokia N81 8GB -  The new Nokia N81 8GB smartphone is reviewed, covering new and updated features.

  • Nokia versus Apple

    Analyst Report -  Rumors are hot and heavy that Nokia will soon launch a competitor to iTunes, Apple's highly successful and lucrative music service. It is unlikely Nokia will be offering an iPod music player clone, but is interested in music capable phones for any such...

  • Review: Nokia E61i

    Review -  The Nokia E61i is an updated version of the E61, which debuted in 2006. This model offers a full QWERTY keyboard in a slim tablet design. It includes a QVGA display in a landscape orientation. It has 60 MB of storage, plus the ability to "hot swap"...

  • Review: Nokia N95

    Review -  The Nokia N95 is a cutting-edge S60 smartphone with an innovative design that makes it easy for users to switch between phone and media player modes. It also offers 3G cellular-wireless networking and Wi-Fi.

  • Review: Nokia E62

    Review -  Released only through Cingular, the E62 brings many of the features offered by the Motorola Q to the GSM audience. However, unlike the Q, the E62 uses the Symbian OS with the S60 user interface, and it therefore is more phone-centric. At about 0.5 inches...

  • Nokia E62 thin mobile productivity device

    Review -  In this product review, John Shepler weighs in on Nokia's new E62 mobile device for Cingular Wireless.