• National Instruments overcomes geography with in-building wireless solution

    Like many organizations today, National Instruments was experiencing inadequate cellular coverage due to poor geography and weak signals from external cellular towers. This case study explores the in-building wireless solution that provides National...  Continue Reading

  • Review: Palm Treo 680

    The Palm Treo 680 is a GSM quad-band smartphone from Palm available in 4 different colors. The Treo 680 runs on the Palm OS and has the same form factor as past Treo devices, but is slightly slimmer and has no antenna. Nevertheless, Palm promises ...  Continue Reading

  • Top 10 mobile tips of 2006

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  • Review: Nokia E62

    Released only through Cingular, the E62 brings many of the features offered by the Motorola Q to the GSM audience. However, unlike the Q, the E62 uses the Symbian OS with the S60 user interface, and it therefore is more phone-centric. At about 0.5 ...  Continue Reading

  • Review: BlackBerry Pearl

    Even though this is a smartphone, not one of RIM's larger cellular-wireless handhelds, it still breaks new ground for this company, as it is its first model of any kind with support for playing music and displaying video. As part of this, the Pearl ...  Continue Reading

  • The reality of convergence

    The mobile enterprise has waited a long time for the day when employees could utilize a smarter, more comprehensive device to communicate across cellular, 802.X and campus environments. We've seen band-aid solutions from a myriad of suppliers but ...  Continue Reading