Mobile infrastructure and applications

  • Wall Street may force Sprint to curtail WiMax plans

    Some investors and analysts are urging Sprint to slow down its plans to roll out a 4G wireless network service, or even sell off the related assets.  Continue Reading

  • Strategic mobile device management

    As mobility becomes strategic and multiple devices the norm for the enterprise, IT must be prepared with a mobile device management solution that balances worker flexibility with control, cost and security.  Continue Reading

  • Managed mobile services

    In this managed mobile services series, Dan Taylor examines managed services for device management, email, enterprise applications, and cellular telephony. It concludes with a best practices guide.  Continue Reading

  • Windows 5.0 -- Optimizing data sync

    Optimizing mobile applications can be a difficult task, but from an end user standpoint, it is the speed, responsiveness and functionality of the application that is most important. By combining the network notification capabilities of SNAPI with ...  Continue Reading

  • Cell phones: Who owns them?

    The ambiguities that have surrounded the handset -- namely who owns it, who dictates what happens on it and who enforces these rules -- present problems for service providers and enterprises alike. This financial quandary in equipment, however, has ...  Continue Reading