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Published: 10 Oct 2012

Developing a strategic plan for enterprise Wi-Fi coverage will likely include a hybrid approach, combining aspects of DAS, femtocell and FMC. Given broader Wi-Fi deployment, many enterprises are now rethinking use of both wired LAN and wireless cellular technology. But how can companies leverage their investment in increasing and improving enterprise Wi-Fi coverage that leverages existing Wi-Fi investments, minimizes costs and improves coverage? Let's look at a few options for extending cellular coverage and how Wi-Fi can help. Distributed antenna systems Many workers and their employers would like to eliminate desk phones, shifting all business calls onto mobile handsets -- especially dual-mode smartphones. This shift could greatly improve worker reachability and productivity while cutting costs by consolidating communications infrastructure, fees and maintenance. More on improving enterprise Wi-Fi coverage Check out our fast guide to telephony and mobile standards Download an expert take on the role of mobility in fixed mobile convergence Analyzing the ... Access >>>

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      Enterprise Wi-Fi coverage is a key aspect of communications infrastructure planning as dual-mode smartphones and mobile handsets replace desk phones. Successful Wi-Fi strategies must incorporate hybrid technologies like DAS, femtocell and FMC.

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