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May 2015 issue, Volume 1, Issue 3

There's an enterprise app store for that

Applications are the new stars of the enterprise computing show. Users love apps, but there are so many of them, and they can run on such a variety of different platforms, it's enough to make heads spin throughout IT departments and C-suites. This issue's cover story explores enterprise app stores and how companies can develop, provision and manage mobile apps through these secure portals. Other content in this issue includes a look at what not to mobilize, an in-depth explainer of virtual mobile infrastructure and a special Q&A with Citrix CEO Mark Templeton in the run-up to one of the industry's biggest events, Citrix Synergy.

Features in this issue





  • Passive Python Network Mapping

    In this excerpt from chapter two of Passive Python Network Mapping, author Chet Hosmer discusses securing your devices against ...

  • Protecting Patient Information

    In this excerpt from chapter two of Protecting Patient Information, author Paul Cerrato discusses the consequences of data ...

  • Mobile Security and Privacy

    In this excerpt from chapter 11 of Mobile Security and Privacy, authors Raymond Choo and Man Ho Au discuss privacy and anonymity ...