mobile device management (MDM)

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Mobile device management (MDM) is the administrative area dealing with deploying, securing, monitoring, integrating and managing mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, in the workplace. The intent of MDM is to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices within the enterprise, while simultaneously protecting the corporate network.

Mobile device management software allows distribution of applications, data and configuration settings and patches for such devices. Ideally, MDM software allows administrators to oversee mobile devices as easily as desktop computers and provides optimal performance for users. MDM tools should include application management, file synchronization and sharing, data security tools, and support for either a corporate-owned or personally owned device.

The ideal mobile device management tool:

  • Is compatible with all common handheld device operating platforms and applications.
  • Can function through multiple service providers.
  • Can be implemented directly over the air, targeting specific devices as necessary.
  • Can deploy next-generation hardware, operating platforms and applications quickly.
  • Can add or remove devices from the system as necessary to ensure optimum network efficiency and security.


This was last updated in June 2013

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Read about the latest mobile device management products and how implementing them can help you protect your network and infrastructure in addition to personal devices. Find out which product would best suit your organization's needs, the most important questions to ask before purchasing an MDM product and get a comparison of the top  MDM products in the market

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Mobile device management has become more than just the management of devices, like stated above. This shift to the management of users, apps and content is known as enterprise mobility.
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Mobile Device Management (MDM) can benefit businesses in the many ways. The primary objective of an MDM is to achieve security of the device and its contents.
Developing your own MDM server could be a large amount of work and is likely to require extensive security testing.
The scope of mobile device management is expanding with the growing connected ecosystem. The concept of BYOD is incorporating, not only smartphones, but smartwatches and other connected devices as well. And, an effective device management or Enterprise Mobility Management tool should be capable of deploying, securing, monitoring, integrating and managing any device used by workforce for official purpose.


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