Modern Mobility

Enterprise mobile app strategy

  • Workflow apps are the next step in mobility

    Alyssa Provazza - Senior Managing Editor 27 Jul 2016
  • BOSTON -- To truly enable mobility, organizations need to start focusing on mobile apps that fuse multiple applications into one experience. Here at BriForum 2016, attendees learned how ...

  • Mobile admins pucker up and try to 'KISS'

    Eddie Lockhart - Associate Site Editor 16 Mar 2016
  • On the TV show The Office, Michael Scott imparts a key piece of advice to resident office oddball Dwight Schrute: "K-I-S-S. Keep it simple, stupid." Dwight sees that mantra as great advice even ...

  • What's next from IBM and Apple?

    Ramin Edmond - News Writer 19 Feb 2016
  • At IBM InterConnect next week in Las Vegas, attendees will be hankering for insight into IBM's Apple partnership -- news that was sorely lacking at last year’s show. The two companies made waves in ...