Modern Mobility

Application modernization and mobile app delivery

  • It's up to IT to make end-user computing easy

    Colin Steele - Editorial Director 06 Dec 2016
  • It's part of IT's job to deal with end users who aren't tech-savvy. The latest research says it may be a bigger part of the job than most people realize. About two-thirds of people aged 16 to 65 ...

  • What's the deal with workspaces?

    Alyssa Provazza - Senior Managing Editor 15 Jul 2016
  • There are plenty of words ingrained in today's culture that no one is exactly sure where they came from -- or in some cases, what they even mean: hipster, twerk, awesome-sauce. It's a common ...

  • VMI won’t find a long-term role in mobile app deployment

    Eddie Lockhart - Site Editor 09 Feb 2016
  • Throughout the movie Mean Girls, resident gossip Gretchen Wieners tries to make the word “fetch” catch on as a substitute for something great or cool. For instance, you might say, “That jacket is ...